Cat Paw Cups- Pour and Enjoy Drinking

Cat Paw Cups

Cats are beautiful, whether it is a real one or a decoration piece. Everything about the cats is admirable. Previously, our website featured a cat statue which posited a buffy paw raised. These were considered to be a sign of good fortune in most countries. Now another cat related item is here. If you haven’t got enough cat paws in your life then you can enjoy the little cat paw cups. These are beautifully designed and made of glass. These are ideal for consuming milk, juice or shakes, especially kids would love to have it. Cat paw glasses are an amazing collection for people that love cats.

Cat Paw design Cups

These glasses or cups come in different variations such as tiger paw, cow paw and cat paw. In some places, cups are available as a set of three cups costing $34 or some shops have individual cups and glasses for about $13. One amazing feature of kitty paw cups is that these are heat resistant and provide excellent insulation for any liquid poured in it. These are great to be used as water, milk, coffee, shakes and more.

cat paw coffee mug

These cat feet cups can hold 10.1oz of liquid and to be handled with care for washing because these are not meant for dishwashers. The size of these cups are 4.4inches x 2.9inches and 1.8inch is the diameter. Bring the cat paw glass cups at home and make an addition to your unique item list. You can also serve the guest’s kids with fresh juice or soft drinks in it. Furthermore, these can be used as a decoration item on a dining table or on a corner table of your room under the lamp. The design of glass is frosted for extra cool effect and beneath each glass the paw is imprinted.

cat paw mugplastic cat paw cups


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