Cat Litter Box Makes It Double As a Designer Piece of Furniture

This unique designer cat litter box could be for you in the event that you have a cat, and don’t have a profound dull corner of your basement that you could use for your assigned kitty litter area. It is a side table with a design that makes it serve as a secret cat litter area, with a crisscross channel so the real cat litter box is prudently hidden from see. Indeed, even the entrance hole can be set on either side of the box contingent upon where you need it to be set in your living room.

Cat Litter Box

It’s known as the designer kitty litter box, since it should seem as though an designer household item, it’s a crap container for your cat when it’s reality. It can help keep the smell inside, since there is only a little opening in favor of it, and is additionally a really cool thought for those attempting to spare some space in their home.

kitty litter box

There are two unique areas inside the side table kitty litter hider, the far area which is bigger should contain the real kitty litter box, and there is a little opening to a littler go through space expected to facilitate distinctive the real world from the kitty litter. You will have two ways to move through, altering the sides of the table to get in and out.

cat litter box cabinet

The side table kitty litter box has a simple opening top that permits you to swing it up to effectively get to the cleaning kitty litter plate, contingent upon your furniture setups, the passageway gaps can be determined to left or right, the top has a delicate open and close capacity, and it comes in black or white hues to look over. The side table concealing the kitty litter weighs 35.9 lbs, and measures 29.1 inches long x 20.6 wide x 20.8 inches tall.

cat litter box furniture
side table kitty litter box
cat litter cabinet
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