Cat Bridge Attaches On The Wall For Cat to Sleep On

We’ve all been there, whether we need to let it be known or not. We as a whole wished we could cross one of those Indiana Jones flimsy rope spans, while bouncing to safety directly before the bridge snaps off the edge of the land. Well, with this Indiana Jones Bridge at least your cat can now.

Cat Bridge

This unique cat play area add-on is a wooden rope bridge which you can bind to your cat to rest on, play on, or profess to be Indiana Jones on over a door or on your wall. Ideally your cat might want the genuine bridge more than the container it is dispatched to you in. Think of it as a success each time that occurs.

cat suspension bridge

Inspired by the old weak rope connect in Indiana Jones film, the cat bridge is extraordinary for experience adoring cats, desolate cat owners who need to live vicariously through the lives of their pets, or cats who appreciate wearing mini fedora caps. The cat bridge arrives in a wide range of completions to browse, and you can arrange it anyplace somewhere in the range of 35 and 145 inches in length, whatever length you and your cat need.

diy cat suspension bridge

The Bridge design of Indiana Jones is made of strong pine wood alongside hand-woven rope railings that associate on the two sides to a stage. The bridges are unbelievably solid, and can carry up to 85 lbs of weight. So no concerns if your kitty holds some additional get-away weight. With the additional rope the cat extension will carry a load of up to 160 lbs.

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cat bridge
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