Cargo Hold Prevents Things from Rolling

Whenever I throw something in the back of my SUV or car trunk, when I take the second turn at the slowest conceivable speed, anything appears to move, crash, and pummel into the trunk’s sides with the power of a thousand suns. I have no clue about how this is conceivable, however that is exactly how science functions. The Stay hold is a gadget that allows you to compose and keep stuff from moving around in your trunk as you drive.

Cargo Hold

Just install one of these Stayholds in the back of your SUV or trunk to keep them impeccably set up if you have just a couple of little things, for example, food, plants, a tool compartment, and more that you would prefer not to move around as you drive. The Stayhold stays in place utilizing Velcro on the floor of your trunk, and arrives in a standard version, just as a mini version for those additional little things that you have to quit being moved around when driving.

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In addition to the fact that it stops bigger items from moving around in your trunk, the Stayhold likewise has 4 little compartments on it that permit you to utilize a little velcro band to associate little things, for example, tools, jars, bottles, or other little embellishments. Utilizing the slide-through openings on the Stayhold, the Velcro lashes associate safely.


The Stayhold cargo hold trunk organizer comes in either grey or orange colours to choose from, uses super easy to remove and reposition Velcro strips to stick to your trunk carpet, and its lightweight nature makes it super easy to store and nest into each other while not in use.

Stayhold cargo hold trunk organizer
Stayhold trunk organizer
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