Car Air Vent Tube Helps You to Redirect Air to the Backseat

Chances are your kids or other passengers in your car have complained about not getting enough air back to them while driving on extra sunny days in summer if you have a car without air vents in the backseat. The Noggle is another genius innovation that permits you to rapidly send air utilizing a long adaptable tube to the backseat that can be put in any spot.

Car Air Vent Tube

The Noggle can, as they say, “Making your backseat cool again”. How it functions is that it appends simply to one of the front seat air vents, and an adaptable hose runs to the backseat to legitimately convey the cool air to them. It takes a few of seconds to mount, and it’ll resemble your car truly has a vent in the backseat once it’s ready for action.


Since the Noggle extendable car air vent tube is flexible, to stay in that position, it can be flexed into any position and even tied up to a backseat. If it’s between two children, over their heads, or just in the hands of one of your children so that on a too hot summer day it blows simply all over, the Noggle will guarantee that your vehicle’s climate control system gets a lot of cool air right to the backseat.

Noggle extendable car air vent tube

The air vent tube gauges a sufficient 6, 8, or 10 feet long choices, so you ought to experience no difficulty putting the cylinder anyplace you need it most, whether it needs to return to the third column in your SUV. An ideal method to guarantee that little ones don’t overheat on blistering summer days.

extendable car air vent tube

The Noggle vent extender is too simple to mount and eliminate from your vent, comes in 4 distinctive pattern/shading choices, stores it conveniently when not being used, is viable with pretty much every type of car or air-vent, can likewise be utilized throughout the colder time of year to move heat from your car vent to the backseat, and is an absolute necessity for parents who consistently stress over their children getting heatstroke in hot summer days.

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