Candle Fondue Mugs Are for Cheese and Chocolate Lovers

If there are only one or two people on a dinner or lunch table, you may not need to heat up the entire pot or dish. New miniature fondue mugs are now available which makes work easier. These candle fondue mugs are fantastic for heating up small amount of cheese or chocolate, fudge, etc. The mugs contain an opening at the bottom to place a lit candle that sends the heat to the content in the mug and keeps hot while you dip you desired forks in for consuming it.

Candle Fondue Mugs candle powered fondue mugs

It comes as a set of 2 mugs and is safe to place in microwave and easy to wash. These are black in color and comes with fondue forks which are 4.6 inches long. Just a little need that candle lit gets oxygen to keep it flamed up, since it is under enclosed area. Kovot Fondue Mugs makes your occasion special which is perfect for a date, an evening, birthdays, events that make you enjoy. Get more fun when you love the cheese melting or favorite chocolate melted cravings. The fondue mug set are admiring piece of stuff that presents individual serving for sharing with your loved ones.

Kovot Fondue Mugs ceramic mugs


It can be used a dip cup for fruit, veggies, crackers, marshmallows and ladyfingers. The ceramic mugs are effortless cleanup when it comes to washing it. Each mug approximately measures 4.6 inches long and 3.5 inches in diameter. Each fork is a stainless-steel stick with plastic handles. The set comes with eight light votive candles and four forks. The personal fondue mugs are ideal for gifts as well. If you want to enjoy reading a book or a movie on Netflix, an individual can enjoy a cup of favorite hot dessert in it. Get your candle fondue mug and enjoy your evening delights.

Fondue Mugs

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