Cactus Pillow Spices Up Your Home With Natural Charm

If you love succulent cactus, yet would prefer not to get jabbed or nudged by their sharp needles by you or your cat, possibly a pad is more fit for your strengths! This wonderful cushion stylistic layout is molded like a giant succulent cactus, and is the ideal method to flavor up any home or room with some normal magnificence and give it an actual existence soul.

Cactus Pillow

The succulent cactus decor pillow has an unique 3D design comprising of a few leaf pads associated together to make the prickly plant leaves’ shape and form. The cactus plant cushion is an ideal blessing thought for admirers of gardening, prickly plant lovers or anyone from the southwest!

succulent cactus

The succulent cactus pillow estimates 17.5 inches in distance across and around 8 inches thick, however the estimations may shift marginally since each pedal of the pillow is sewn by hand. When the cactus pillow is worn in and utilized a tad, after some time it will enlarge and take its actual form.

cactus plant cushion

The succulent cactus decor pillow is made of excessively delicate small scale extravagant material, is loaded down with 100 percent polyester, is brilliant green in shading, and is a good thought for photograph shoots, dens, reading corners, rooms and much more.

cactus succulent cushion
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