Butter Dispenser Pushes Out Strings of Butter in Ribbon Form

You can add butter to your meal in a wide range of ways. Just jabbing a knife into a butter dispenser and spreading it around like some sort of savage, there are likewise gadgets that spray butter on your food, or this butter dispenser that pushes out strings of butter in ribbon form might be the most elegant other option.

Butter Dispenser

The ribbon butter dispenser, made by Max Space, a producer of unique home merchandise, is utilized by basically embeddings a butter stick into the tube, screwing on the cover, and simply twisting its end to drive the butter forward. On the contrary side of the unit, the interestingly designed shaper pushes out the butter in a consistent ribbon shape that you can make as short or as long as you need.

butter mill dispenser

One butter stick would be equal to around 10 feet of butter ribbon apportioned. The gadget works with room temperature butter, or with butter that comes straight out of the refrigerator. Perfect for butter, yet with cream cheese or margarine, the ribbon butter dispenser even works extraordinary.

Butter Dispenser tool

The ribbon butter dispenser is made in the United States, when kept inside the container, will keep your margarine/butter fresh for longer and is overly simple to utilize, just twist and spread. It accompanies a transparent edition, an opaque version, and a hardened steel version with two separate models.

ribbon butter dispenser
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