Burger Pattie Maker

Whenever I make burger patties with my own hands, they come out so peculiarly molded that they don’t seem as though burgers when they’re finished cooking. Now, with this burger press called the Burger Master, you can make 8 burger patties all at once, which are all perfectly shaped.

Burger Master

To use it, just open its top, stack the shaping layer on your uncooked ground beef, and basically smooth the meat into the 8 framing holders. Around 2 lbs of ground beef will be needed to fill the whole holder. Place the lid back on the gadget once it has been completely compacted and press solidly. The cover has edges standing out to additional shape every burger patty and separate them from one another totally.


You can undoubtedly put the burger press into your fridge or freezer if you would prefer not to cook the burger patties immediately to keep them fresh. The burger press suits and stacks consummately into a cooler or fridge, so when you are prepared to eat them, your burgers are fresh and ready.

 Shape+Store Burger Master

Up to 8 burger patties can be made at a time by the Master Burger Press, are effectively taken out from the container if the patties are fresh or frozen, are dishwasher safe, and are 10 inches in length x 10.5 inches wide x 1 inch thick.

Master Burger Press
Burger Press
Burger Master Innovative Burger Press
 Shape+Store Burger Master
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