Bunny Cotton Dispenser Looks Like Bunny Has Nice Fluffy Tail

You’ve seen the cat butt tissue dispenser and the dog butt bathroom tissue gadget, and you may envision there wouldn’t be whatever else for home things that you can remove from a creatures butt. However here we are. This bunny keeps huge amounts of cotton balls in its can, and when they’re standing out, they make it seem as though the rabbit has a long cushy white tail.

Bunny Cotton Dispenser

The cotton ball holding rabbit can hold around 30-50 cotton balls relying upon how close you ‘d like to stick them in there, and the rabbit has 4 delicate cushions on its base side with the goal that it won’t harm any surfaces that it’s laying on.

best Bunny Cotton Dispenser

Make certain to stick the cotton balls within his butt close before they begin standing out to make it appear as though the cotton balls are his tail. At that point put him on your bathroom counter, in an ice chest, in your kitchen, office, or anyplace you need cotton balls the most, and your cotton fleece carrying bunny will be standing by quietly to help you when you need a cotton ball.

bunny cotton ball holder

The bunny cotton ball gadget is created utilizing 100% ceramic, and highlights two significant bunny ears, one of which is tumbled over aside. There’s a caverness opening in his rear where you stuff your cotton balls. It weighs 1.1 lbs, is unadulterated white in concealing with minimal details, and measures 7 inches long x 4.5 inches wide.

best bunny cotton ball holder
bunny cotton ball gadget
best bunny cotton ball gadget
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