Bunch-O-Balloons Fills 100 Water Balloons

I think making water balloons is the point at which you tie its end and your finger gets trapped in the bunch and makes a weird purple shade, where you’re actually happier cutting your finger than dealing with the pain and pressure rising in your fingertips. Bunch O Balloons is a system ready to top off to 100 water balloons in under a moment, this encourages you to invest less energy filling the water balloons and investing additional time throwing them at grannies, or from 6 six-story windows on outsiders strolling around.


Essentially mount the unit to the furthest limit of your hose, turn on your hose and simultaneously fill up a batch of 37 balloons in no time. At the point when full, simply give the hose a brisk shake, and the balloons tumble off the end of the connection and into your designated bucket of water balloons. Best of all, they tie themselves together through a confounded component called magic.

bunch o balloons party

Bundle O Balloons are not reusable or replenishable, as the cycle will take as long as the water bottles are normally filled, the rest of the stems are recyclable and are presently in the Kickstarter subsidizing stage, so hold yours now.

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