Bulb Changer Lets You Install Light Bulbs Easily and Safely

Hate standing on high ladders and doing the balancing act just to mount a couple of bulbs either outwardly of your home or company or within high roofs? Goodness, you won’t need to any longer with this unique light bulb installing pole attachment. It interfaces with any extendable Mr. LongArm pole and encourages you to mount lights serenely without the requirement for ladders, from the security of the ground.

Bulb Changer

The bulb light changing pole attachment comes in a wide range of varieties to suit pretty much every type of light, including incandescent bulbs, floodlight bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs, and even a suction version that chips away at various sorts of lights.

bulb light changing pole

Some of the pole attachment of bulb installers utilize adaptable fingers that fold over different measured bulbs, while different models suck the bulb’s base to keep it in place until it is completely embedded into the socket. So, at that point the bulb will be delivered and left in place.

motorized light bulb changer
universal light bulb changer
flood light bulb changer
light bulb changer kit
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