Brilliant Car Jack – A Quick Solution to Road Emergency

If you need to lift a classic car or a 60-ton truck or even a bus. You need the right equipment to operate both quickly and safely. The Exhaust Air Jack is a brilliant car jack is an easy, compact enough scissor jack to fit under your seats and powerful enough to lift your car. Use your vehicle’s exhaust to lift it when it is on the roadside in an emergency. Simply put the empty air bag under your car where you want it to be elevated. Attach the hose to the exhaust pipe of your car, then just start your car and watch it lift up which takes about 30 seconds.
Car Recovery Kit | Water Resistant Car Cover
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Brilliant Car Jack

The Exhaust air jack is an ideal method to lift your vehicle when you don’t have a vehicle jack to replace your tire, or when you’re a vehicle that is trapped in the mud. And you need to get pulled out of the dirt to drive once more.

Orange Bushranger X-Jack

The Brilliant Car Jack is made of a woven PVC-coated polyester material that will deflate within 5 seconds. Remain inflated for up to 45 minutes, and comes in different sizes that can lift vehicles ranging from 2-4 tons.

Bushranger X-Jack

Brilliant vehicle Jack

Brilliant Car Jack for car

Brilliant Car Jack set

Brilliant Car Jack kit

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