Bricks N Store Table Gets Your Child Enhance Their Skills

Although Lego blocks and other construction toys may not be as exciting as battery-powered robots, or video games, yet building blocks are great for developing mental, cognitive, social, emotional and even physical skills. While providing “environments that encourage and improve problem solving from a young age”. This amazing new table is known as the KidKraft Building Bricks Play N Store Table. It lets kids play with their building blocks directly on the table. With a wonderful minimal hidden container in the table to keep everything too sorted out.

The mini children building bricks table has 2 portable tabletop pieces, that move back and forth to show block pieces for your children to make a capacity holder. Your children can open the table to assemble more bits. Or keep it near make an inconceivably cool buildings on both top bits of table.

If the storage container in the table isn’t sufficient. There are two more storage containers put under the two parts of the table for building blocks too. The Bricks N Store Table comprises of building bricks perfect material with the goal that they can begin their plans directly on top and have them safely set up.

The building brick table features a no pinch design that prevents kids from pinching their fingers between the tabletop segments. It contains 200 bits of building blocks to get your children started on their creations. It is made up of strong wood materials, loads 29.8 lbs. And measures 35.5 inches long x 15.4 inches wide x 19 inches high.

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