Best Stool Cum Table Makes Your Child A Little Chef!

Do you have kids at your home? Yes? You’ll then also encounter the below situations in your house. A kid rising to the heights to take their toys for playing, washing their own face, gazing at the mirror and much more. I know everyone’s going to agree with me. It seems sweet, it’s all right to stand in a higher position. But what about safety. You can’t let your child stand on a stool or at a height which has a large distance from the floor. The simplest solution to these problems will be using Stool Cum Table for your kids.
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The special stool cum table, when in kitchen tower mode, gives steps to your child to climb up and inside the tower. Where a protective bar behind them keeps him from falling in reverse. When on the rooftop, your kitchen counter can be reached to safely by your kid to help set up a dinner, prepare a few treats, and much more.

How to Use Stool Cum Table:

The stool cum table transforms quickly and comfortably into a craft table by simply folding down to the ground over the top half of the roof. Locks on the device’s sides should secure it in place for protection and to prevent pinching. It immediately becomes a one-seat craft table with plenty of room for fun crafts, painting. A place to eat or prepare the baked goods that they just worked on in the kitchen counter and much more.

The stool cum desk that transforms into a craft table is handmade from 0.59 inch thick plywood. It arrives with graved design on the wood, will need to be assembled upon delivery. And measures 34.65 inches tall x 15.75 inches wide when in tower mode. And 27.16 inches long x 17.32 inches tall x 15.75 inches wide when in craft table mode.

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