Genius Microwave Bowl Holder Gets Hot Dishes Out Safely

Curses and curses! I had my fingers burnt again. Each time I get something out of the microwave, scorch marks appear. If I had just a Multi-purpose, Genius Microwave Bowl Holder! Not only I will be safe against burnt fingers. The Genius Dish Holder makes it so much easier to microwave food. It is a convenient handy carry tray, a splatter guard and two-tiered stand all in one.
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It’s known as the Micro Mate. It’s a genius multi-level microwave gadget that not just prevents you from burning your hands. And fingers on hot dishes that simply left the microwave. Yet additionally acts as a bowl spread to abstain from splattering and a plate/bowl stacker. So you can make more space inside your microwave.

The Genius Microwave Bowl Holder is the most ideal approach to get out burning hot dishes and plates from your microwave. The plate sides have collapsing handles, which can spare room when not being used. Since the microwave bowl tray is made of polypropylene, much following a few minutes in the microwave it will remain completely secure to contact.

After leaving the oven, the rotating oven tray measures 9.25 inches in diameter across with the goal that it can suit most normal size sheets and bowls. It has 3-inch handles that make it too helpful and simple to bring from the microwave to your table, and the enormous indents in the plate surface will ensure that your dishes don’t slip around when you’re holding your food.

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