Beer Mug Float Lets You Relax In Pool On A Hot Summer Day!

Indeed, I understand it’s February, and actually not even close to Summer time. Yet I’m posting this as an approach to get your expectations for the coming Summer! There are a lot of approaches to remain above water in the pool or in a lake. For example, a scaled down yacht pool, avocado, or even a pool with an engine, yet none is as fulfilling as laying on a giant beer mug pool float on a blistering summer day!
Dual Pool float | Chicken Pool Float | Inflatable Tube

The giant mug of beer pool float is made and sold by Pool Candy to look excessively practical with a foamy overflowing top. A consolidated filled body, and even a transparent handle that is a piece of the pool drift. When the beer’s head is completely inflated. It even turns into a pleasant comfortable cushion to rest your head while you relax in the water.

The super-reasonable beer mug pool float is made of uncompromising PVC vinyl in the U.S. Measures 72.5 inches long x 52 inches wide x 5 inches thick when completely inflated. And will most likely tell everybody what you’re doing in the pool (relaxing and drinking beer).


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