Beach Skeleton- Make Sand Skeletons Easily

Beaches are one of the amazing places for kids, at this spot you can enjoy merely being in waters and as well in sands. Most of the kids are too fond to build a castle from sand while other kids bring spade and trucks to play with. But now your kid can make a skeleton from the sand. Ask HOW? The Bag O Beach Bones is a nice way to encourage the kids to learn the human anatomy while playing with the skeleton kit.
beach skeletonThis is one of the best ways to encourage kids to play in beach sand and being creative at the same time. The Bag O Bones skeleton set comprises of 14 different pieces that the kids can connect in the sand to form a beach skeleton. It includes pieces of leg, arm, hip, chest, vertebrate and skull mold. Both hands and feet molds are connected as one piece so the toes and fingers can easily come out intact.

beach bones beach skeleton hand

The beach skeleton mold needs simply to be aligned on the sand and pressed firmly to create beach skeleton. Pull each piece carefully and slowly to form the shape of skeleton. The mold can be used as a beach bucket to develop castles from sand by simply filling a wet sand and tipping over. The Bag O Bones Beach Skeleton works not only in beach sand but also nice to create a skeleton out of snow.

beach skeleton mold

Skeleton molds are easy peazy to use and fun for kids. The molds are made of plastic that comes with a net bag to carry and transport pieces. The overall size of the skeleton once it is formed on the sand is approx. 4.5feet tall and it depends much how well the molds are placed together. The stuff is available only in one color.

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