Beach Cart Doubles As A Table With Integrated Cup Holders

What’s the most exceedingly terrible thing about going to the beach? Maybe over the next few days I lost an entire layer of skin because of serious burning. Yet, second, you’d need to take all your stuff to your beach place. Sure you can get a truck, yet what are you going to do with that truck once you’re there? This one of a kind beach truck doesn’t simply assist you with shipping your stuff to your place, yet will likewise serve as a table once you arrive!

Beach Cart

Just flip over the Wonder Cart and it quickly changes into a seat. It has an enormous level surface for setting food, PDAs, books, or different things just as 4 profound cup holders to hold numerous beverages. The table beach cart has a tremendous net for putting away your things when going to and fro from your beach spot, alongside 2 major, wide wheels that make it very simple to walk through the sand.

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The Wonder Cart even has a major arm on head of it to stack on many beach seats, so with one go you can really get everything to your beach spot. You’ll at that point have the perfect table to organize every one of your beverages, books, food and other sea shore stuff once you arrive!

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The Wonder Cart beach cart, which serves as a table is made of aluminum alongside a plastic tabletop, highlights 4 protected cup holders, has a paragliding holder in favor of it, and a bungee string included to ensure your assets when in a hurry. The beach cart table gauges 10 lbs, and the tabletop estimates 41 cm long x 21 cm wide x 11 cm high. It folds to quick stockpiling too.

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