Baby Pacifier Turns the Volume Down While Your Baby Is Crying


Do you actually want to just turn your child’s volume down when they’re crying? I think presumably every parent has it! Well with this baby pacifier that has a volume handle on its front, now you can. Although it’s essentially a placebo knob and doesn’t generally do anything, while at the same time attempting to turn them down to volume level 1, it will definitely help loosen the tension of a constant crying infant.

The musical knob pacifier’s other lively impact, which ought to never truly be endeavored, is that the handle really goes up to level 11, which gives recognition to the exemplary “This Is Spinal Tap” mockumentary. The music knob baby pacifier is made of BPA Free, PVC-free rubber, suitably named “Chill, Baby” is presumably the most ideal approach to “attempt” to quiet your crying baby, and satisfies all child safety standards, of course.

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