Awesome Wine Set That Every Baseball Fan Would Love It

If it’s something that you’ll see and touch every day, then you want it to be perfect. And if you are baseball fan then this should be at the top of your list. It’s an awesome wine set that exactly looks like a baseball bat. It’s totally transparent having decent wooden handle. And if you know a baseball lover that additionally happens to adore wine or scotch. This remarkable baseball shaped wine glass set would make an ideal blessing thought.
Rifle Gun Set

There’s no better way to praise spring festival starting up later this year rather than taking a full baseball swing with a baseball bat brimming with liquor.

This awesome wine set has a capacity of up to 750 ml of your favorite liquor. Booze or wine and it even comes with a wooden holder or stand to carefully show the bat alongside 4 low-ball wine glasses that have baseball engraves on the base of each glass. The bat shaped bottle is sufficiently huge to hold a whole standard measured jug of liquor, scotch, rum, or wine.


These limited wine glass by The Wine Savant is made up of 100% Lead free borocislicate glass, an excellent wood handle to the bat, alongside a rich mahogany wood stand for baseball bat and the 4 baseball themed wine glasses to sit upon.

The baseball bat wine bottle is ideal for fans of any baseball team. It estimates 20 inches in length x 9 inches tall when sitting upon the wooden stand. And is sufficiently enormous to be effortlessly held with two hands. It is made with excellent subtleties, and weighs 9 lbs.

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