Avocado Dish – A Proper Way to Serve Guacamole At a Party

If you don’t use a unique guacamole dish or a serving apparatus like the Guac-Lock with regards to serving guacamole, you’re treating it terribly and you should feel guilty about it! This wonderfully shaped guacamole serving dish that is formed simply like an avocado is something you really need in your life if you don’t need an exceptional device to shield your guacamole from searing excessively fast.

Avocado Dish

The avocado shaped guacamole dish is made of ceramic and is hand-painted to precisely show the complex avocado subtleties on the dish. The dish is formed such that an end of the avocado is open, so when it is closed, a serving spoon may still sit in the dish. Besides, when the spoon is closed inside the dish, the end of the spoon will resemble the avocado stem.

avocado shaped dish

The guacamole serving dish looks simply like a whole avocado when totally closed, yet it would appear like an avocado cut down the middle when opened up and loaded up with guacamole. It’s nearly the main suitable approach to serve guacamole at a gathering that is going ahead. Up to 1.5 cups of guacamole can hold the avocado dish, is dishwasher safe for speedy washing, contains the plunge bowl, a serving spoon, and lid, and is 8 inches in length x 4.2 inches wide x 4.5 inches high.

Avocado Dish for party
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