Astronaut Vase- Great Piece on Dinner Table

This astronaut vase will keep your flowers or plants on its back and fill in as a phenomenal feature on your dinner table while encompassed by your planet’s plates, same as how the astronaut phone stand will keep your cellphone for you as it charges. The vase, suitably called the Starman Vase, is a delightful combination of innovation and nature, an incredible piece of stylistic theme for any space lover, science geek, or child who tries to turn into an astronaut.

Astronaut Vase

The flower vase is made of ceramic, is profoundly refined and itemized, has a particular plating with an antique impact on the astronaut visor, is white in shading, and measures 11.2 inches tall x 5.9 inches wide x 4.3 inches deep. Manufactured and delivered by Diesel Living alongside Seletti.

Starman Vase
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starman astronaut vase
best starman astronaut vase
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Unique Astronaut Vase
Dried Flowers White Ceramic Vase for Table
Ceramic Astronaut Vase Model
best Astronaut Vase
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