Aquapaw Scrubs and Washes Your Dog At the Same Time

It’s just about the hardest thing on the planet to give your dog a towel, not only for your integrity as a dog, yet additionally for your back. There must be a more intelligent way of washing and scrubbing the dog than filling up a pitcher of water a hundred times. The Aquapaw is another device that clips straight onto your hand so you can serenely perfect and brush your dog simultaneously by connecting it to your nursery hose or tub.


Trying to keep the dog in one place to wash them is challenging enough. This gadget puts all you require straight into one hand’s palm, so you’ll have the other hand allowed to hold your dog in place and herd it. While the Aquapaw will be attached to the next hand, since it’s simply associated with the palm, you will consistently have the option to utilize your hand.

 AQUAPAW Pet Bathing Tool

How it functions is, you simply utilize the provided adapters to associate the unit to your nursery hose or tub, mount the Aquapaw utilizing the clasp to your side, and afterward turn on your shower. By framing a clench hand, you will then flip the Aquapaw on and off. Giving your fingers a speedy squeeze on the unit would turn the water on and impact out a torrent of water from the scrubbers. To turn the water back, simply give it another squeeze. If you have worked it out, simply add some bubbles and begin cleaning.

 AQUAPAW Bathing Tool

Excessively cold outside or would you rather give your dog a decent wet clean inside? The Aquapaw actually accompanies a splitter that you can advantageously mount under your shower head to append a hose legitimately to your shower water line and change the temperature of the water to your dogs taste.

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