A Unique Wine Bottle That Hides an Umbrella in It

Wine has been around for such a long time, that new things might be difficult to think of. These umbrellas beat the chances, and are imaginative and pleasant. These umbrellas, formed like wine bottles, are a special thing and make it look like by getting a unique wine bottle you’re offering a liberal blessing; however, you’re actually secretly holding an umbrella inside on the off chance that it rains. Nobody will be the wiser.
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umbrella that looks like a wine bottle

You will no longer must be confronted with the frightful gross look of a folded-up umbrella stuffed into your bag or purse. Now you can undoubtedly place an exquisite bottle of wine in your bag and you’ll look extra-tasteful wherever you go. With a second’s notification, however, you can transform the wine bottle into an umbrella.

best umbrella that looks like a wine bottle

The unique wine bottle umbrella highlights a sleek tasteful mark that peruses Beauty Vineyards Cabernet. Comes in dark or burgundy colors to look over, and makes a pleasant gift. A blessing thought for wine lovers, or only an ideal bit of discussion to carry to your wine club.

wine bottle umbrella

The umbrella of the wine bottle covers a full-size umbrella inside the wine bottle. Where the bottle’s top neck is the umbrella handle. So, an extensible shaft loosens up to turn into a consistently molded umbrella. It just loads 9.8 lb, and measures 10 inches tall x 2 inches in breadth while looking like a wine bottle.

best wine bottle umbrella

umbrella wine

best umbrella wine

umbrella wine set

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