A Convertible Pet Chair Into A Pet Crate

It is a wrap cover which convert lawn chair into a per crate. The wrapping slip cover which is specifically designed to convert the ordinary folding lawn chair into a pet crate. Usually the space underneath the chair is wasted, what if we used that space to keep your pet secure while you enjoying the weather at lawn. It serves as the barrier around the bottom part of the chair to create a space for your dog which is waterproof base that keep your pet dry incase the ground is wet.

The advantage of the lawn chair pet crate is, it secures the pet from running off to the woods to get hunt by the bear, this wrapsit can be utilized to keep your personal belongings with the zipper pockets. It contain staking loop so that your chair can not take off in the wind. It can carry as carrying case when you fold it back up.

Enjoy the family time in park along with your pet and don’t forget to bring the pet crate so that you can safely keep your dog inside the wrapsit. It keeps your pet secure inside the wrapsit which secure them with other animals.


  • It has 400D nylon ripstop
  • Coated with polyester waterproof flooring, large PVC coated mesh walls
  • Comes with self-locking zippers on large opening to interior
  • Staking loops at four corners of base
  • Closes with chair to become carrying case. 

It is foldable chair and portable which can carry easily to any place. It’s easy to install just unwrap the straps and make it open and stand with the help of rods made by stainless steel. It has easy slipcover installation that can fit on scissor legged folding chair. It comes with hanging shoulder strap so you can carry it on your shoulders

It has straps to tie the wrap around the chair which will prevent it from take off. Whenever you want to get back to  your home just fold the chair and wrap the strap around, it will make you easier to carry this chair anywhere. It is light in weight and can be carried easily.

You can enjoy your moment while keep an eye on your pet inside the chair, it can also be used to keep any other usable stuff in the wrapsit. You can use this wrapsit as a carrying beg

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