3-in-1 Survival Machete Makes Hiking and Camping Easier

When it comes to survival gear, you can either have loads of gears that fit into a small kit or compartment that presumably isn’t that solid or dependable, or you can have large multi-tools with less devices on them that are probably going to be substantial and durable. Alright, that one falls into the group above. It is known as the Omniblade and it’s a giant blade for gear, that contains obviously a machete, a tactical tomahawk, as well as a survival saw.

survival machete with sheath

Worked for a definitive survival systems, either that or some geek looking to assume some true to life job (LARP) and need a giant cutting edge you’d find in some computer games, the Omniblade has an exceptional component that is ideal for use while outdoors, climbing and more.

Survival Machete

Another great element of the Omniblade is that it has two hand-holds relying upon which device you are utilizing on the unit, and each handle is wrapped by paracord which makes it much more valuable in survival circumstances. The wrapped paracord handles carry 21 feet of all out paracord which can be utilized when you need it the most for a large number of various things. One handle on the unit permits you to utilize the blade and saw, while the other handle permits you to definitely swing or throw the saw.


The Omniblade, made of premium solidified steel, can withstand anything you throw at, in addition to it’s finished in a gleaming dark which makes it look very sharp (as it really may be). The survival machete of Omniblade weighs 2,35 lbs altogether and measures 25 inches in length x 8 inches wide x 1,25 inches thick.

best survival machete
survival machete of Omniblade
best survival machete of Omniblade
sharp survival machete of Omniblade
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