Travel Bib Holds Snacks and Clips Around Kid’s Neck


When it’s dual purpose, everything’s better, especially items for kids! This unique bib not just protects your infant’s clothes from milk, crumbs, drool, vomit, and everything else, except it additionally has a little pocket to hold snacks. The Snack and Go travel bib is made for in a hurry parents and babies, nibbling and getting munchies regardless of where you are.

Like a standard infant bib, the travel bib snack holder clips directly around the neck of your baby, and has 4 unique settings relying upon your kid’s size. It comes in two distinct colors to browse (turquoise and dim), and it is made of dishwasher-safe food-grade silicone.

The snack and go child travel bib is excessively simple to clean, impermeable so no scraps drop out of the base, it closes totally for simple storage, and is directly before them in the ideal situation for little hands to get munchies.

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