Skull Shaped Glass – Ideal Way to Sip Down Your Fav Beverage


Well, there’s now a glass uniquely made to resemble a human skull! It’s known as the Double Layer Style Skull Whiskey Glass and it’s an incredible method to drink your preferred mixed drink right to Halloween in the period of October. The double walled skull glass configuration causes you to place in hot or cold beverages without making your hands excessively hot or excessively cold from the beverage.

The skull-shaped drinking glass comes in two unique sizes, including a smaller 2.5 oz version that is best utilized as a bigger shot glass or whisky glass, while the bigger 8.5 oz variant can be utilized for drinking coffees teas, cappuccinos, mixed drinks, wine and other larger refreshments.

An ideal addition to any Halloween party, and for any individual who sees you drinking from it would be an instant conversation starter. The unique skull-shaped mixed drink glasses are sold independently and the bigger skull glass is 3.5 inches in width x 4 inches in height, while the smaller skull glass is 2.8 inches in breadth x 2.8 inches in tallness.

The skull-shaped coffee glass is made of high green borosilicate glass which keeps any type of thermal shock from splitting the glass while adding hot or cold liquids to the cup. The unique Halloween wine glass accompanies high erosion, corrosive, and soluble base opposition and will never influence the flavor of the liquid inside the bottle.

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