Human Skulls Make Your Fire-Pit More Scary for Halloween


If you’re somebody who simply needs to see the world burn, or you might be obsessed with darkness, terror, or Halloween-like stuff throughout the entire year, these fire proof fake human skulls may be for you. The thought is to placed a pile of them in your outdoor campfire pit and light a fire inside the pile to make it look dreadful while the fake human skulls are pierced by flames.

The fake human skulls are essentially made of a similar material you’d find in a gas chimney inside homes as an ordinary fireproof log, except that actually it’s formed like a skull rather than a log, obviously. Along with lava granules in addition to critical heat refractory ceramic, the false human skulls are made of strengthened steel.

While the fireproof skulls are sold independently, when you have a few skulls stacked on top of one another, the best effect comes. So perhaps you’d prefer to get one of each firepit skull style and stack them all together to get your campfire into a decent assortment of death and horror. Every one of the skulls in the fire-pit is 8.27 inches long x 5.31 inches wide x 6.2 inches high.

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