Shark Attack Salt and Pepper Set Adds Terror to the Kitchen


Sharks are the reason I’m not going to dive in the sea. Is it true that you are crazy? That water is loaded with stuff that will kill you. It isn’t that I’m coward, yet smart enough not to make myself a meal for an enormous hunter of animals. I watched the Jaws cut, which was everything I required to keep myself out of the water. Indeed, even the world’s salt and pepper shakers know this reality.

This exceptional shark attack seasoning package has inserted magnets that, while not being used, hold your shakers together so apparently the shark is as yet biting the leg. In addition, the magnets cause you to lose one of them some place in the rear of the wardrobe. It’ll seem like the shark is snacking on some surfer buddy’s leg as a light snack while sitting on the table.

This shark attack shaker set is an ideal discussion piece, will carry some terror to the dinner table. It’s made of ceramic and a decent glossy coating is utilized to fire it. They measure around the elastic attachments on the lower part of every one, making them truly simple to top off. When assembled, 3.5 inches long and not safe for the dishwasher, so when they should be washed, you’ll need to hand-wash.

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