Rainbow Unicorn Mug Takes You To The World Of Magic!


Magical stuff occur while you’re drinking from a cup of unicorn. I’m simply speculating, I’ve at no other time tanked from a cup of unicorn, however I’m prepared to encounter the enchantment. I guess drinking this Rainbow Unicorn Mug must be a genuine color changer. The mane of the unicorn changes from a strong shading to a rainbow of hues when you top the mug off with hot fluid.
Panda Mug | Unicorn Bottle Opener

How it functions is the mane on the mug made of changing shading paint. Which will go from all dark to a whirlwind of glorious colors once you add it to a hot liquid. A rainbow stream will gradually advance up the mane right to the top, after you pour in your hot espresso or tea.

Essentially what we have here is a delightful Unicorn mug that will surely be combat over by everybody. Since who wouldn’t need a mystical rainbow to spring up when they use it? It makes an ideal present for unicorn darlings, and is made of clay of high quality.

The heat changing unicorn mug holds 9 ounces of liquid. It isn’t safe for microwaves or dishwasher. So simply ensure you deal with it as tenderly as you would be a genuine unicorn. The mug which changes shading estimates 5.91 inches by 3.54 inches by 4.13 inches.

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