MOXY Socks Chicken Legs Knee-High Fitness Novelty Socks

Reciprocated Heel and Toe
High quality breathability
Premium Endurance


In a world of bags of chip socks, classic art socks, and shark bite socks, it makes perfect sense that those chicken leg socks do exist. These mysterious socks make it look like you’ve got chicken legs, not just skinny legs as the saying goes, but chicken legs actually!

A great gift idea for groomsmen and bridal parties, bachelor parties, joke gifts or even for those who want to feel more like a chicken. These chicken leg socks will certainly catch anybody’s attention when they look in your general direction. The chicken leg socks are made of cotton, come in a few different colors and lengths to choose from, are super lightweight, and will actually make your legs look leaner when you wear them!

These socks are a CLUCK!!! Hey Fitness people, slip into our Chicken Leg Knee-High Socks. Do people make fun of your chicken legs? Well show them your best WOD skills one of a kind conversation starters. Custom woven with premium durability and top of the line stretch-ability, our Cross fit socks WILL improve your workout. Cross Fit in style in our goofy Chicken Legs Socks!

  • Reciprocated Heel and Toe
  • High quality breath-ability
  • Premium Endurance
  • Shin and Achilles’ Heel Protection
  • Invisible Toe Seam
Product Brand

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