Personalized Easter Basket for Kids, embroidered Pink Girls and Boys Toddler gift bags baby blue green

Personalized Easter Basket

I will ship today or tomorrow! The Colorful bunnies on the white basket are the biggest of the styles I carry. They can hold books, toys, candy eggs and still have room to spare. Personalized Easter Basket is very sturdy and will be great for hunting eggs 9.25” x 9.25” plus the handle is 6” This is thick canvas quality. Can be used repeatedly -Great for storing toys even after Easter! Kindly Note: -The basket will arrive flat. Unfold and will come to 3D shape. I will steam each basket before I ship them but there may be a wrinkle and a little steam takes them right out. -You can store them flat for the following year then do the same.

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Oddity Trend
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