Magnetic Trivet Makes Life Much Easier When Serving Food


You normally need two hands on the pan or pot while moving a hot pot or dish around to move it securely from an oven to a table to be helpfully served. While you should cover your table with a trivet. Why make two excursions, then? To make it significantly less complex when serving food to loved ones, this attractive trivet adheres to the base of your pot and container.

Inside the trivet, a double sided magnet can make it stick to your pot’s base no matter which side faces up. Also, you can simply tap your dish’s base on the trivet to cause it to go to the dinner table with you.

The attractive trivet, called the Hots pot, is made of warmth safe silicone, has a fire logo on it so you’ll know precisely what it’s for, and is overly protected and simple to utilize. The magnetic hot pad is incredibly durable, simple to wash and keep up and can even be kept as a cooler magnet on your fridge when not being used.

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