Guitar Pick Punch


With the guitar pick punch you can make a pick from a variety of things and materials like old credit cards, ID cards, hotel cards, gift vouchers, or actually any sort of hard plastic material, simply put in the pick punch anything you desire and you have another guitar pick.

The punch is an incredible present for guitar players, bass players, or any individual who appreciates a decent pick is ideal for reusing, and it punches regular 351 molded guitar picks. The punch at the bottom is open so you can see precisely what and where you are punching.

An ideal DIY use for reusing old plastic cards you don’t require any longer, the pick punch is an overly rock solid tool that is worked to last, has a simple front stacking design, and weighs 1.3 lbs, and measures 6.2 inches long x 4 inches tall x 1.5 inches wide.

It arrives in two or three unique variants, one of which is only an independent pick punch, while the gift set pick punch accompanies a lot of cards you can use to make picks with a pick holder immediately. There’s another pick punch form that makes 355 triangle-molded guitar-picks, as well.

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