Electric Salt and Pepper Set – Stylish Addition to Dinner Table


I don’t usually consider myself in the kitchen as a Jedi, however I am a Jedi Master with regards to eating what others cook. Now, because of this Star Wars Lightsaber Salt and Pepper Set, I can sit at the table and get the title without a doubt. The force at your dinner table currently is high.

These shakers are not simply normal shakers of salt and pepper that you need to shake like some sort of savage with your own hand. This is the future, as, with the click of a button, they can grind peppercorns and salt. Simply hold the button and it will crush and sprinkle your flavoring on your food consequently for you. On the shaker, a light naturally turns on while dispensing, and each one works on 4 AA batteries.

You will get 2 grinders, 1 red and 1 blue, with the purchase of the lightsaber salt and pepper set. These are not safe for dishwashing as they have electronics inside them, and each is made of plastic. One of the lightsabers for Jedi and Sith is red and the other is blue. 9 inches tall and around 2 inches in diameter, the shakers stand. To prepare your food, you can utilize the lightsabers and furthermore maybe have a good time lightsaber fights at the table with others.

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