Dragon Night Light Turns Your Kid’s Room Into a Dragon’s Den


If your child is like mine, chances are he adores dinosaurs and dragons, and he can’t generally quit discussing them. So with regards to the night-light in his bed, you’d best accept that rather than a dull teddy bear or puppy dog light, he might want a shining fire-breathing dragon as a light. Luckily, there is a night-light dragon, and it truly looks quite cool. It is known as the 3D Fire-Breathing Dragon Night Light, and it inhales a fire plume that is the bit that is enlightened.

Light sparkles red when turned on the dragon night and changes a red hot orange around the encompassing walls and area, consequently transforming your Childs room into a den of the dragon. It includes a tremendous dragon floating over a monstrous smoke plume, which includes a little light that enlightens the whole room within the smoke plume.

The fire-breathing dragon night light can be powered by either a battery or a miniature USB power cord. If your kid likes it a lot without complaining with a power cord, they can play with it in bed. The night light will last around 6-10 hours when in battery mode, and when connected, the battery will take around 2-3 hours to totally charge.

The dragon night light is imprinted in 3D from a PLA material, has an imperceptible on/off switch at the base of the light, has a charge port for quick charging toward the end of the smoke plume, and is 7.9 inches long x 4 inches high.

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