Dog Ball Launcher Lets You Play With Your Furry Friends


NERF guns are incredible for office warfare, or warfare between relatives, But, guess what? Your dog feels left out. He might want some of that sweet NERF activity. Why not give him a few. This Nerf Dog Ball Launcher is a toy that is explicitly made so you can play with your furry friends.

For your dog’s fun, utilize this amazing Nerf gun to skyrocket tennis balls 50 feet into the air. You can likewise re-load completely without hands. You should simply situate the barrel over the ball and force it down. Just draw back on the handle once the ball is in the barrel, and pull the trigger.

This NERF gun is for Fido only! As you can change the distance of your shots and adjust to any setting, it likewise includes customizable quality. The Nerf dog ball launcher comes total with 4 colored balls and is viable with either standard or more smaller tennis ball.

For you and your dog, the Nerf dog ball launcher is an ideal method of holding. You will both make some brilliant memories when you shoot and he either gets or chases the balls. It’s about time dogs just got a NERF gun for them. Canines wherever make certain to have this one this year on their Christmas list.

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