Beach Vault Lets You to Relax More Peacefully At Beach


Relax a little more peacefully at the beach. Keeping your essentials dry, protected and far out under the sand in this marvelous new Beach Vault. It is a huge red spiral/corkscrew that inserts into the beach sand to shield your belongings from beach thieves. Just plunge the Beach Vault in the sand. Take out the perfect towel that accompanies it that has a pre-cut opening for the vault, throw in your essentials. And crease the pillow over the vault.
Folding Stool 

Beach Vault is perfect to conceal your things from the robbers. However it will likewise shield your mobile phones, tablets, or assets from the beach components and even shield them from being stepped on or spat on by drunken fool. It is completely waterproof. So if a vogue wave has jumped up and sprinkled your place. You can have confidence that no water has entered your vault underneath towel.

The Beach Vault is an incredible blessing thought for beach lovers. And is accessible through a gap in the great towel it accompanies. The towel has a gap to show through to the vault. Just as a connected pad that covers the entrance to the vault when not in use.

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