Banana Shaped Umbrella – A Fruity Companion For You!


Tired of carrying the same dull, traditional umbrellas? Need anything extravagant energizing a rainy walk? Here we now have the banana umbrella, the banana umbrella is your fantasy partner! What’s more, indeed, it’s actually a banana-formed umbrella, that is until you open it up, and afterward it’s only an ordinary yellow umbrella with a semi-banana as handle.

The little banana shaped umbrella overlays down to approximately the size of a real banana, so when you need it, you can rapidly throw it into a boot, handbag, or backpack. There’s a possibility for both a yellow and green banana umbrella, contingent upon how ready you like your bananas.

The banana umbrella has a watertight seal when totally shut so no water can ever spill inside the cover, sure to be an ideal discussion piece for any individual who sees you use it. It springs open in no time, rapidly. Simply expel the head of the shell and set it back in your pack while you’re utilizing the banana paragliding.

The banana umbrella has a 50 + UPF rating, prevents 99% of UV-beams from going through you, is produced using optical textures, is ideal for use in rain or bright days, is wind-safe, loads 10.5 oz, and measures 34.5 inches in distance across when opened in full. The banana paragliding estimates simply 9.8 inches long when closed.

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