Aqueduck Faucet Makes Washing Hands Fun for Kids


As my children grew heavier and greater, they got more diligently to get to wash their hands and face. I thought about whether anything could assist them with hitting the water faucet. I couldn’t find anything and stools weren’t compact, so I needed to find an answer. That is how the Aqueduck Faucet  is born. This bright invention for kids, that joins small plastic extenders onto your faucet handle and water spout to make it a lot simpler for your youngsters to reach and wash their hands alone.
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The children aqueduck faucet comes in two separate parts, one for the handle to turn on and off the water and another piece that interfaces with the water spout to move the water farther towards the kid. Despite the fact that they can likewise be purchased independently if you need just either.

There are additionally two separate versions of the handle extender. One of which works on the highest point of the spout with single faucet handles. And another variation that works with double handed spigots on the two sides of the spout. However, because the product accompanies just 1 handle extender, if you need your youngster to turn both the hot and the cold handles on, you may need to buy a different handle extender.

How Aqueduck Faucet Works:

The children faucet handle extender works on most normal faucets. Even as it slips between two froth pads over the faucet and afterward fixes with a consolidated screw tightener. For instant washing, it is effectively removable and even a protected dishwasher.

The faucet handle extender is made of BPA-Free, PVC-Free, Phthalate-Free plastic. It doesn’t contain dangerous colors. It is made of dynamic colors and inventive structures that make individual cleanliness pleasant for youngsters matured 2 or more. This likewise advances freedom for small kids!

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